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Sunday, 3 November 2013

All change please, all change.

We are currently undergoing a reorganisation at the signal

box. To enable us to build a suitable housing for Cowley bridge signal box (our fully working model signal box), we are moving our small gardening shed to behind the strong sign, this means we had to move compost heap and cut away some of the bank.

Today, Gavin, Jamie and Raymond started by moving the compost heap to behind the big shed (the ground had been prepared earlier in the month and a path added) . While the heap was being moved, Gavin and Jamie added a divider to it so that it would allow compost to be separated one year from the next.  Once it was in its new location, the compost was transferred and the structure made secure. After a well earned lunch break, Gavin and Jamie went on to start cutting away at the bank that needs to be removed to allow a level base to be laid for the shed to sit on. Unfortunately, due to the evenings drawing in, darkness got the better of them and they had to leave it till the next open day.

Also on the open day, Neil worked on getting some of the newly located compost into the vegetable patch ready for next year.

Tom and Josh (young member) did some general work on site

To add to the excitement, we also had a film crew visit the box, they were/are making a documentary for the buildings trust.

And of course, Dave and Marion Canning looked after the visitors accompanied by Janet , giving demonstrations and tours.