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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Renovations Begin...

With the signal box now closed to the public for the duration of the adjacent building works, the internal redecoration of the box is well under way.

The ceiling has been scraped down, sanded and prepared for repainting.  Knotting has been applied to any bare knots and touching in of all bare wood carried out.  Decorators caulk and filler is now being applied where required and then a full undercoat will be applied.  This will then be followed by a top coat in the appropriate colour.

The old fluorescent light above the lever frame has now been removed.  In due course this is to be replaced by two period angled tungsten lights.

The ceiling is obviously the worst area for creating mess, as everything falls down from there.  When complete we can work our way down to windows, walls and door.  By the time we re-open the interior of the box will hopefully look very smart and will last for a long time.