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Friday, 27 September 2013

One Side Of Signal Box Complete - Nearly!

Yesterday the painting of one side of the signal box was completed.  The only thing remaining is the window, which needs new putty and then final painting.

It has taken many hours to complete this work, with much of the old paint being burnt off back to the wood.  A good deal of wood filler, primer, undercoat and gloss has been used along with plenty of elbow grease.

This should ensure the box is kept watertight and looking good for years to come.  Putting all this effort in this time around means that next time a repaint is required it should be a great deal easier.

I would like to emphasize that without Keith's expertise the end result would not be so pleasing.

Not every single blemish has been filled and sanded smooth, but partly on purpose.  Would such and old building look "real" if it were absolutely perfect?

Well... must get that door finished on the heritage centre next!


Sunday, 15 September 2013

More slabs, a tidy up and weed control!

 After a lot of tidying by Peter, on last months open day, the area by the big shed was cleared of old metal work, old lawnmowers and general rubbish. Most of the waste was taken to the skip today so the area was ready for development. On todays open day, another row of slabs was added to the path, making it easier to walk down and allow wheel chair access to almost all of the site. This area has plans to be further developed by adding a grassed area with another bench allowing people to sit and look at the site from another angle.

 In the nice weather we've been having, the weeds have been growing too well through the slabs. So to ensure the site stays in a presentable condition, Keith, very kindly went on weed duty and cleared the ground frame area of weeds. This should give us clear paths through the winter and for a good few months into the spring (weather dependent).

So all in all a very good heritage weekend. Well done to the site team for continuing to progress

the look and resources of the site (Keith, Dave.T, Jamie and Gavin). But an equally big thank-you to all the operators of the box (Peter, Neil, Dave.C, Jamie, Steve, Allen and Dick) some of whom spent most of the weekend talking or operating. We must also remember to thank Marion for taking members of the public around the site and telling them what's what, she must have done many laps of the site so she could walk it blindfolded. This just comes to show that without the different skills and abilities that we have at the signal box, we would not be in the state we are in today, everyone has their own way of helping, and we couldn't ask more of them.

A welcomed rain storm

 On Saturday the 14th of September, the guttering on the pavilion was finally finished after many years of being incomplete. To finish the job, the guttering from the lean-to was joined to the guttering from the side of the pavilion, this was then plumed into an old container which will hold the water till needed. This will also be fitted with a pump so that water can be pumped out or so that it can come out of the tap to fill buckets or watering cans. There will also be an overflow fitted to this storage so that excess water can be deposited into the soak away. So all we need now is the rain, one thing that we are never short of in Britain.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Painting, Preserving and Tidying...

Initial work on the side of the signal box is now complete. All old flaking paint has been burnt off and the surfaces sanded smooth.  This has been followed by a good coat of primer.  The next step is to fill all the imperfections prior to undercoating and glossing.  This process will ensure the box is water tight and protected for the future.  The remaining three sides will be treated the same way in due course.

The new seat that was erected by George and myself has now received it's final top coat of green paint.  This will be ready for use when completely dry and may be positioned in front of the sheds as there is no seating on that side of the site.

Speaking of the area in front of the sheds - Peter has spent some time investigating what was under the tarpaulin in that area.  This has now been sorted into rubbish and items worth storing properly for any future use.

Work has been started on the old picnic table to the rear of the heritage centre.  Young volunteer Tom has sanded all the timber and a first coat of preservative has been applied.  He will apply a second coat when next on site and this will protect it for the future and make it much more usable.

The second heritage centre door has had the exterior paint stripped and a first coat of primer has been applied.  Much more work to be carried out but at least it's started.