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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Latest open day and a recap

Jamie explains and Peter is operating (calm before the storm)
Smile Colin
This Sunday was our regular open day and  we had a healthy 27 visitors. The usual activities were happening, David canning was working Romsey signal box and giving the public the usual demonstrations. The buffer stops cafe is still building momentum but we have now covered all our costs so its now making profit. Matthew, peter and myself were manning Cowley bridge with help, here and there, from James. However, as Matthew got used to the simulator, Peter (and many members of the public) soon got lost with the train movements as Matthew and I were really putting Cowley bridge through it's paces. We also had a mini training session for a couple  of people wanting to volunteer on the front desk.

This month we are also running a training day for members who want to 'move up the ranks and learn the ropes for the signal box and Cowley bridge.

Bill.T being put to the test on C.B by Allan

In other news, it feels hard to believe that this is our third month of being open! In memory of the big day, here are some pictures from the re-opening (we didn't actually post any when we reopened so these could be the first you've seen).

Allan and Bill pose with Cowley bridge and the VIPs

The grand reopening

The traditional pose on the trolley, but who's missing? Yes, our site manager is camera shy....