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Friday, 27 September 2013

One Side Of Signal Box Complete - Nearly!

Yesterday the painting of one side of the signal box was completed.  The only thing remaining is the window, which needs new putty and then final painting.

It has taken many hours to complete this work, with much of the old paint being burnt off back to the wood.  A good deal of wood filler, primer, undercoat and gloss has been used along with plenty of elbow grease.

This should ensure the box is kept watertight and looking good for years to come.  Putting all this effort in this time around means that next time a repaint is required it should be a great deal easier.

I would like to emphasize that without Keith's expertise the end result would not be so pleasing.

Not every single blemish has been filled and sanded smooth, but partly on purpose.  Would such and old building look "real" if it were absolutely perfect?

Well... must get that door finished on the heritage centre next!


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