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Tuesday, 1 November 2016


Sunday the 30th of October 2016 saw a first for us as we hosted our very first coach tour.

Bluebird Holidays of Weymouth included us on a weekend mystery tour.  We were "invaded" by 48 people, which is by far the most we have coped with all at once.

Our main concern was that of access along the narrow and winding entrance road.  The driver stopped outside and walked up to the box to assess the situation.  He then managed to manoeuvre the coach and even turn and reverse it into our car park.  This was quite a feat as the coach is the longest you can buy!

There were seven of us volunteers on site and we managed to "feed and water" all our visitors, show them around and even let them have a go at the signal levers in the box.

They were all lovely people and certainly seemed to enjoy the experience.

This was obviously a special visit and not an ordinary open day.  I'm sure the volunteers found the experience rewarding, as hopefully our visitors did.

We would like to thank Bluebird Holidays for including us on their tour, and all our visitors for putting up with our occasional shortcomings in trying to manage so many people all at once.  We have made a few notes for improvements the next time.


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