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Thursday, 13 August 2015

The eagle has landed

The big news that's going around is that Cowley bridge model signal box has arrived at Romsey. As I was not around when it arrived, yesterday was the first time I had seen it, even without the bells ringing and levers clunking, it still makes quite an impression. It is a great piece of engineering and it looks to be a great exhibition at the signal box. The plan is to have Cowley bridge being operated by a volunteer to demonstrate what life would be like in a busy signal box. This will be an interesting insight into the life of a signal man.

The other work on site is a bit boring in comparison to the above news. Work on the ground frame is in its final stages, the mounting for the GWR signal has been attached to the post and the pulley and crank have been position to connect this up.

A 'Voice off' device has been installed on the site to verbally warn any intruders on the site that they are being filmed and that they should vacate the premises.

Dave has also spent much time working on the floor in the kitchen to make it more hygienic and appealing. He has also spent many hours filling out the required forms for the catering that we plan to run when we reopen.

Things are coming together and its only 3 weeks until we reopen!!!

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